When Is the Right Time to Get an Auto Tune Up in Patchogue, NY?

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Preventative maintenance is one the key parts of owning a car; without it, you’d be forced to spend thousands of dollars for auto repairs when your car inevitably breaks down. Cars need to be taken care of regularly to offset the wear and tear resulting from everyday use and to identify any potential problems early on. This is why auto tune ups in Patchogue, NY are such an important part of our business.

Auto tune ups are a great way for you to get an in-depth check of all the major components of your car and to prevent major breakdowns. Your auto mechanic will check your fluid levels, spark plugs, filters and more to make sure that your car is and continues to be running smoothly. However, many people fail to take their car in for a regular tune up; this often leads to larger issues down the road, including costly repairs. Look for some of these signs to know when it’s time to visit a mechanic who is an expert in auto tune ups in Patchogue, NY:

  • Check engine light: If the dreaded check engine light pops up on your dashboard, chances are, something is amiss. This light is not to be ignored, so be sure to take your car in to have it checked out by a mechanic.
  • Lower fuel economy: If you notice that you’re spending more and more time fueling up, there’s a chance that your car could use a tune up. While slightly lower fuel economy is normal in older vehicles, sudden drops in your gas mileage could be cause for concern.
  • Stalling: When you go to accelerate, you might notice that your car won’t go or stalls for a few seconds before moving. Not only is stalling extremely dangerous while on the road, but it’s also a good sign that your car should be checked out.
  • Difficulty starting When you put your key in the ignition and turn, the car should start right away. If it takes a few turns to get it to start, or it runs for a few seconds then shuts off, you may have a problem with the battery, ignition system or electrical system.
  • Vibrations: Your car should not be shaking when you steer or brake. If you notice any vibrations in your steering wheel or seat when turning or slowing down, a tune up should help identify and fix the problem.
  • Owner’s manual: The number one place to check if your car is due for a tune up is your owner’s manual. Your car manufacturer provided you with the manual so you could know when your car should be taken in for oil changes, tire service and auto tune ups in Patchogue, NY, so refer to it to keep your car running in the best possible shape.

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