The Importance of Proper Wheel Alignment in the Winter

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As a good car owner, you probably already make a good effort to keep your car maintained. You probably know all about things like yearly inspections, regular oil changes and taking care of any issues that come up promptly, so your car runs at its best. One area that’s easy to overlook no matter how thoughtful you are with your car, however, is wheel alignment. Gene’s 112 Auto Service Center Inc. offers quality wheel alignment service in Patchogue, NY to countless customers each year, and it’s especially important to make sure you get this service every winter. Here’s why.

Less tire stress

Wheels that are in alignment are most effectively carrying the weight of the car, in combination with the other parts that help spread the stress of driving around evenly. But when wheels are not in alignment, the tires and the suspension are both going to take on most of the stress, and in an uneven manner. If you have winter tires on (which many of us do at this time of year), this rubber is even softer than that of summer tires, and it will wear a lot quicker. In summary, save yourself time and money on repairs you could avoid by just getting your wheels aligned promptly.

Safer driving

Investing in wheel alignment service in Patchogue, NY each winter will also ensure that your car is truly up to the task of keeping you safe day in and day out, through ice, snow and whatever other bad conditions your winter commute throws at you. If your wheels are out of sync with the optimal specifications of the car, it only makes sense that it will perform poorly.

Higher efficiency

Not only is it safer to drive with well-aligned tires, it is also more economical. When your wheels aren’t in alignment, your car has to work harder to move and handle correctly, and this means higher fuel consumption—not to mention subpar steering, where your car will pull to one side of the road or the other instead of traveling in a straight line. Overall, this means greater wear and tear, fewer miles per gallon and just a lot more frustration.

Fewer repairs

We touched on this above, but it bears repeating from another perspective: a poorly aligned car will have more issues down the road—possibly even sooner than you think. You will not only have to replace your tires more frequently, but also potentially other parts that are affected by your wheels and suspension. You might take your car for a yearly inspection and find out parts you didn’t count on replacing are now shot, and you’ll have to pay extra to get those ordered and installed. Do yourself a favor, and get it right the first time.

For expert wheel alignment service in Patchogue, NY, call Gene’s 112 Auto Service Center Inc. We’ll make sure your tires and alignment are in great shape for the winter weather and beyond. Get in touch today to schedule an appointment!

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