Why Get Snow Tires in Patchogue, NY?

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Your vehicle seems safe enough. You trust the city to clear the roads when a snow storm hits. You have never bought them before, so you may decide you don’t need snow tires in Patchogue, NY.

It’s true that not everyone prepares for winter by buying new tires in Patchogue, NY. However, a set of snow tires offers several advantages. Consider the following before you make your final decision about snow tires this winter:

  • Made for winter: Think about your year-round tires. They have to perform well in all seasons. This means they perform okay in high temperatures, and they perform okay in cold temperatures. Since they aren’t specialized for either set of conditions, they don’t perform above average in either extreme. Snow tires in Patchogue, NY are designed for top winter performance. They are made of rubber with unique tread crafted with snow, ice and cold temperatures in mind. The result is better traction on slick winter roads, increased stability and shorter stopping distances.
  • Made for cold: When you think of snow tires in Patchogue, NY, you probably think of tires designed to keep you safe while driving on snow and ice. While this is part of their function, snow tires are also crafted to withstand cold temperatures. All-season tires get hard in freezing temperatures. This makes them less malleable on the road surface, which provides less traction. Snow tires are made of more flexible rubber that stays soft even in the cold, to provide the traction you need for the season, even on dry roads.
  • Made for extra life: The initial cost of snow tires may make you hesitate to purchase them. If you look at the potential savings, however, you may reconsider. When you switch out your all-season tires for snow tires in the winter, you are extending the life of the regular tires. They get a nice rest in your garage while the snow tires tackle the harsh winter months. This means the all-season tires will not need to be replaced as often. Their extended life will help offset the cost of the snow tires.
  • Made to enhance: If you own a modern vehicle, it is likely equipped with myriad safety features. From anti-lock brakes to all-wheel drive to auto-braking, vehicles are being built with more and more tools to keep drivers and passengers safe. These features are great, but keep in mind that many of them rely on good tires for proper operation. Their function ultimately boils down to the ability of the tires to grip the road. By installing snow tires, you enhance your systems’ capabilities and boost the safety level of your car.

Would you like to prepare your vehicle for winter with new tires in Patchogue, NY? For more information on snow tire options for your vehicle, contact your trusted local technician. The tire experts at Gene’s 112 Auto Service Center Inc. will help you determine the best solution for your vehicle to keep you safe and secure on the roads this winter.

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