Hoses and Belts: When to Replace Them and Why

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Car maintenance can be complicated and confusing even for the most mechanically-minded of us. If you don’t have much experience completing minor repairs on your vehicle, or you don’t know that much about your car’s operation to begin with, servicing your vehicle can become even more daunting. Thankfully, automotive technicians are there to take care of repair and service for you. Still, it’s important that you understand a little bit about some of the basic components of your vehicle so that you know how frequently they need to be serviced or replaced. Your hoses and belts are just a couple of important automotive components that you should pay attention to during auto tune ups in Patchogue, NY.


The hoses in your vehicle are designed to transport different fluids throughout your engine. These hoses are used for fuel, coolant, transmission fluid and oil, to name just a few. As you can imagine, these hoses experience a significant amount of turbulence as you drive from place to place, so it’s important that they are made to last. Most hoses are made from rubber, which tends to offer significant longevity, but aging rubber is likely to become cracked or develop leaks.

It’s important to keep an eye out for any fluids that leak from your vehicle when it’s parked or leave a trail behind you when you’re driving. Some signs that it might be time for replacement are that you see cracks or leaks in your hoses or you notice that they have lost their flexibility and feel stiff. Even if you don’t see anything wrong with your hoses, it’s still a good idea to have them changed about every four years.


Many of the components in your vehicle, from small accessories to major systems, are powered by belts. Belts work through a pulley system that can power things as minor as your air conditioner compressor and as significant as your alternator. Like with hoses, some signs that it’s time to replace your belts can be identified through a visual inspection. Cracking and fraying of belts is a sure sign that it is time to have them replaced. You should also check to see if your belts have lost their grooves, which can increase the likelihood that the belts will overheat.

In addition, if you notice that your car makes a squealing sound when you accelerate, you should consider having your belts replaced. You should also keep the age of your belts in mind regardless of how old they are. You can reference your owner’s manual to find out specific recommendations for belt replacement in your particular vehicle, or you can go to a mechanic for a professional recommendation.

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