Springtime Car Maintenance

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It may seem like spring is coming late this year, but rest assured, it’ll be warm and sunny before we know it. With those warmer temperatures comes the need for some spring auto maintenance. The following guide will help you get your car ready for spring and summer weather:

  • Change your oil: Winter weather typically wears down your oil faster than in the spring or summer. Before spring sets in, consider changing your oil and your oil filter. Changing your oil isn’t necessarily hard, but why go through the hassle of doing it yourself? Our mechanics can change your oil and filter in no time at all.
  • Replace filters: Your oil filter isn’t the only filter in your vehicle. You have an air filter, fuel filter, cabin air filter and emission filter. Do you know how to replace all of those? If not, bring your car to an oil and filter change service in Patchogue, NY for help!
  • Check your brakes: You probably rode your brakes a little harder than usual throughout the winter while driving on icy or snowy roads. Since that’s the case, your brake pads may be a bit worn. There’s an easy solution for that: bring your car to Gene’s 112 Auto Service Center Inc. We can inspect your brakes, replace your brake pads and perform any other necessary brake maintenance.
  • Replace your wiper blades: Your wiper blades worked hard all winter keeping snow and ice off your windshield. They’re probably looking a little ragged! It’s a good idea to replace them now before spring and summer rain showers.
  • Check and change tires: You can finally take your snow tires off your car. If you don’t have the necessary equipment or knowhow to do it yourself, just bring your car to us. If you didn’t have snow tires to begin with, you might want to consider having your tires inspected for any damage. Potholes wreak havoc on tires, which can result in a sudden blowout. Don’t risk it—bring your car to our shop for a full inspection. We can replace any worn or damaged tires.
  • Inspect your AC: Sure, it’s not the most crucial component of your car, but it’d certainly be nice to have some cool air while you’re rolling down the road this summer! Luckily for you, our mechanics have years of experience tuning up air conditioners. Bring your car in and let us take a look at your AC to ensure it’ll work the way it should.
  • Replace bulbs: You could replace your light bulbs any time of the year, but since you’re performing all of this other maintenance right now, you might as well replace your light bulbs while you’re at it! Don’t risk getting in an accident or receiving a ticket because you have a burned out light—replace it today.

You could perform a lot of the maintenance mentioned above by yourself, but wouldn’t you rather leave your car in the hands of a trusted professional? Of course you would! A professional oil and filter change service in Patchogue, NY will dutifully perform all of the maintenance steps above so that your car runs as it should all spring long. Give Gene’s 112 Auto Service Center Inc. a call to learn more!

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