Summer Is Right Around the Corner—Get Auto Air Conditioning Repair in Patchogue, NY Now!

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Although it’s only spring, the hottest months of the year will be here in no time. Is your vehicle—and more specifically your auto air conditioning system—ready to take on the heat of summer? To ensure that your car and AC are working as they should, have a professional car AC repair technician take a look for problems while temperatures are still mild.

It’s a good thing that Gene’s 112 Auto Service Center Inc. offers a variety of car maintenance services and repairs. With summer right around the corner, now is the time to get auto air conditioning repair in Patchogue, NY. Here are some of the best reasons to schedule car AC repairs and tune-ups before summer arrives.

Beat the rush

Most people need auto air conditioning system repair or replacement during the summer months. This is not surprising, considering summer is when you use the AC in your car the most, but problems can arise from excessive AC use. Summer is when auto technicians’ and mechanics’ service calendars fill up quickly. So, to beat the rush and the heat, schedule a maintenance appointment during the spring months, whether you think there’s an issue with your auto AC or not. Your mechanic will be able to tell.

Replace air filters

You don’t want to wait until your car’s air conditioner stops working before taking it to the auto shop. If you notice the AC air is not cooling down quickly or that it smells a bit dusty, take it to an auto shop for an AC inspection. A professional auto technician has the training to perform a thorough maintenance check on your vehicle’s air conditioner. They will make sure that it’s running properly, but may need to replace the air filters if the system is not cooling well. Replacing the air filters also helps increase your car’s fuel efficiency—the system won’t have to work as hard to circulate cool air throughout your car.

Check system parts and components

During your vehicle’s regular maintenance appointment, the auto technician will check all air conditioning system components for problems. They will do the same thing for vehicles brought in presenting with potential air conditioning issues. This system check includes testing the CFC gas, the refrigerant and the heater controls. The technician will make necessary parts repairs or replacements.

Prevent breakdowns

Another good reason to get your AC tested and tuned up before summer—and your entire car inspected—is to avoid emergency vehicle breakdowns. Breaking down in the middle of a scorching hot summer day without a working AC will be uncomfortable for you and your passengers. Also, the heat can lead to a potentially dangerous situation.

Don’t let summer creep up on you. Beat the auto repair rush and you will beat the heat! If you would like to make an appointment for auto air conditioning repair in Patchogue, NY, call the team at Gene’s 112 Auto Service Center Inc. We are here for you and your vehicle year-round!

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