Now Is the Time for an Auto AC Tune-Up!

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We all know that air conditioning isn’t the most important aspect of your car. You can still get from point A to point B without AC—you just won’t be as comfortable doing so! Before temperatures start rising this spring and summer, you should consider bringing your vehicle into Gene’s 112 Auto Service Center Inc. for a quick tune-up.

Signs of a failing AC system

Think back—were you having trouble with any of the signs below the last time you were using your car’s AC? If so, your AC definitely needs a tune-up as soon as possible:

  • No cool air: Air coming from your car’s vents isn’t immediately cold when you switch the air conditioner on; it starts off a bit warm and stale at first. But the air should get cool sooner rather than later! If your air remains warm, your AC is probably low on Freon. Bring your vehicle in for an inspection, and we can recharge your Freon. If your Freon level is fine, there’s likely a more serious issue that could necessitate expensive repairs. Only one of our auto mechanics will be able to diagnose and repair the problem.
  • Air gets hot, then cold: There’s no better feeling than ice cold air coming from your vents on a hot day. Unfortunately, those moments of joy can be short-lived if your AC is failing. If you have a clogged valve or a blown fuse, that cool air can quickly switch back to warm air. Whatever the problem may be, we’ll fix the issue when you bring your vehicle in for auto air conditioning repair in Patchogue, NY. You can trust that your AC will soon work as it should each time you flip it on!
  • Weak airflow: Your air might be as cold as ice, but that doesn’t help if it barely blows out of the vents! Low to no airflow is typically caused by a loose hose, which is easily fixed by a trained mechanic. Unfortunately, though, there could be a more serious cause behind the problem that will require extensive repairs. Bring your vehicle in for an inspection. One of our mechanics can fix your airflow problem, regardless of the root of the issue.

What a tune-up can do for you

Regardless of whether or not you experienced any of the issues above last year, it can’t hurt to bring your vehicle in for an AC tune-up:

  • Ensure cool air all summer: First and foremost, an AC tune-up ensures that your car will be more likely blast out fresh air all summer long. During a tune-up, we’ll recharge your Freon (if necessary), clear out any clogs and check the hoses. If you recall from above, these are typically the roots of most AC issues. Let us double check to make sure everything looks good, and you can rest easy knowing that your AC will keep you cool until the fall.
  • Avoid repairs: Though auto air conditioning repair in Patchogue, NY typically isn’t as expensive as some other types of repairs, you still don’t want to deal with it! You can avoid dealing with midsummer AC repairs by bringing your car to us today for a tune-up.

Don’t wait around for temperatures to rise to uncomfortable levels—bring your car in to Gene’s 112 Auto Service Center Inc. for an AC tune-up today!

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