When Is the Best Time to Get My New York State Inspection Done?

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If you live in New York and you own a car, you should already know that your vehicle needs to pass safety and emissions inspections before you’re legally allowed to be out on the road. While that much is clear, there’s definitely a little bit more you need to know about inspections. The following post should help answer your basic questions in relation to vehicle inspection!

When is the best time for inspection?

All cars registered in New York must be inspected once every 12 months and every time ownership is transferred from one person to another—in other words, every year or whenever you buy a new car. As for what time of day and which day of the week to have the inspection, this depends on your schedule. Having the inspection completed during the middle of the week is typically your best bet, since you most likely won’t have too many people ahead of you in line. If the line at the DMV is too crowded, come by Gene’s 112 Auto Service Center Inc. We offer fast car inspection service in Patchogue, NY for all vehicle types.

What happens during the inspection?

Once it’s your turn for inspection, one of our professionals will essentially pour over every aspect of your vehicle to ensure it’s safe to drive and that it passes an emissions test. Aspects of your car that are inspected include your seatbelts, airbag, horn, windshield, tires, brakes, front end, chassis, suspension, steering, lights and mirrors.

There are some exceptions, but most vehicles also require an emissions test. This test will determine whether your car emits a reasonable amount of carbon dioxide and it’s equipped with a device that attempts to limit the amount of emissions (like a catalytic converter).

Once all of the tests have been performed and your car has passed inspection, we’ll put an official New York State inspection sticker on your windshield.

Why choose Gene’s 112 Auto Service Center Inc. for your inspection?

As mentioned above, you have a few options when it comes to choosing where you’d like to bring your car for inspection. We may be biased, but we recommend using our car inspection service in Patchogue, NY over the DMV and other services. Here’s why:

  • Fast service: Bringing your car in for inspection can be a bit of a hassle unless you choose Gene’s 112 Auto Service Center Inc. We’ll have your car in and out of inspection before you know it.
  • Reliable results: Sure, quick inspection is important, but it’s even more important that the inspection results are accurate. If you want to be sure that your car is actually safe to drive, be sure to choose us.
  • We make repairs: If your vehicle doesn’t pass its inspection test for one reason or another, we’re here to help! We can quickly make any necessary repairs so you can get back out onto the road in no time at all.

If it’s coming up on 12 months since your last inspection, or if you’ve recently purchased a new car, be sure to stop by our auto shop for car inspection service in Patchogue, NY. We’re the most reliable inspection service in the area!

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