Tips for Maintaining Your Radiator

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Your vehicle has many different components that need regular maintenance for it to operate at its most efficient levels. Most of the time, you’ll only pay attention to your vehicle’s radiator if your car starts to overheat. However, the radiator and coolant are extremely important parts of your vehicle’s everyday performance and require regular attention and maintenance to achieve optimal functionality.

Here’s some information from a mechanic about the radiator, the best ways to keep it in good condition and why radiator repair in Patchogue, NY is sometimes going to be necessary.

What function does the radiator serve?

The radiator is one of the most important elements of the cooling system in your vehicle’s engine. It prevents the engine from overheating and causing some significant damage to itself. When the vehicle overheats, you’re almost certainly going to have to spring for some extremely expensive automotive repairs. If your radiator and cooling system fail, so too will your engine—it’s inevitable.

The radiator regulates your engine’s temperature, regardless of what the temperature is outside. If it’s hot, the cooling system goes to work to keep your engine from overheating. If it’s extremely cold, the radiator keeps the engine warm and prevents it from freezing up and seizing.

What kinds of radiator maintenance can I perform?

Here are several things you can do to keep your radiator working well and protect your engine from the extreme temperature swings of New York:

  • Always keep the radiator cap on tight: The radiator cap ensures the pressurization in the radiator stays constant. Whenever you touch the cap, be extremely careful as, if the engine has recently been running, it will be very hot. There will also be pressure behind it, so you must be careful if unscrewing the cap.
  • Keep coolant filled: Regularly check your coolant levels to make sure the coolant/antifreeze is at the level it needs to be within your radiator. You must always use a 50/50 mixture of coolant and water. You can either mix your own coolant or purchase pre-mixed versions at any auto supply store in your area. Adding coolant to your vehicle is one of the easiest maintenance steps you can take, even if you are not a very car-savvy person.
  • Clean the radiator: As part of your regular vehicle maintenance, it’s a good idea to get your radiator cleaned. This will keep it from overworking and potentially draining its coolant levels more quickly than expected.
  • Flush and fill: About once a year, you should flush out your radiator completely and then have it refilled. This will ensure the radiator maintains optimal performance for years to come.

Again, there are certain steps here that are easy to do yourself. Otherwise, if you are uncomfortable with any of these radiator maintenance tasks, your auto technician will be happy to perform any required radiator repair in Patchogue, NY for you.

For more information about radiator maintenance, we encourage you to contact Gene’s 112 Auto Service Center Inc. and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

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