Signs You Need Driveshaft Repair in Patchogue, NY

September 27, 2018 Published by Leave your thoughts

How can you know if you need driveshaft repair in Patchogue, NY? Most vehicle owners are familiar with the signs that they need other types of auto repair. If they have a flat, they need a new tire. If the oil light comes on, they need an oil change. If the gas tank reads empty, they need to refuel. But what about driveshaft repair in Patchogue, NY? What are the red flags that this part needs attention? To determine whether or not you need this type of repair, look for the following signs: Shakes: Are you experiencing intense shaking from... View Article

How the Size of Your Tires in Patchogue, NY Can Affect Your Vehicle

September 6, 2018 Published by Leave your thoughts

Ever since cars first hit the consumer market, people have been demanding greater performance and heightened aesthetic appeal from their vehicles. Lots of drivers today invest in modifications and accessories to their vehicles to improve their performance and style. One of the most popular new trends among vehicle owners is upgrading cars with bigger wheels. Large wheels and wide tires are stylish and offer a number of benefits when it comes to operation and handling. Find out more about how tire size can affect your vehicle so you can decide if installing bigger tires in Patchogue, NY is right for... View Article