Does That Used Car Need Clutch Replacement in Patchogue, NY? How to Test Before You Buy

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Buying a used car is often a great option to save money. The challenge is to find a used vehicle that isn’t about to break down the moment you get it home. So, how can you know if that used car needs work? Specifically, how can you determine if it needs clutch repair in Patchogue, NY?

Use the following guide to test the used car before you fork over the cash. If it needs clutch replacement in Patchogue, NY, you might want to renegotiate the price or look at other vehicle options.

Steps to Test the Clutch

Before you buy a used car, check the clutch with the following steps:

  • Check engagement: Check to see if the clutch is engaging and disengaging as it should. Start the vehicle, then step on the clutch pedal and put the car in gear. Do you hear grinding or popping sounds as the transmission shifts into gear? This is a sign that the vehicle needs clutch replacement in Patchogue, NY.
  • Check fluid/cables: If the clutch uses a hydraulic system, make sure the fluid level is appropriate and that there are no leaks. If it is operated via cables, check the cables to make sure the assembly is in good condition and is operating properly.
  • Check operation: Do a test drive and test the operation of the clutch. Put the vehicle into first gear and watch for any signs that the car needs clutch repair in Patchogue, NY. Does the vehicle shake, rev or hesitate? Do you hear any grinding or squeaking noises? Do you smell something burning? These are red flags that the car will soon need clutch replacement in Patchogue, NY.
  • Check gears: If the car passes the road test, perform the next test in an empty parking lot. Start the vehicle, then try to take off from a stop with the car in third gear. As you slowly release the pedal, the car should slowly take off. If you notice any of the previously mentioned warning signs such as slippage or unusual noises or smells, the clutch may need to be replaced.

Warning Signs

As you perform these tests, watch for additional warning signs that the used car needs clutch repairs in Patchogue, NY:

  • Shifting troubles: How smoothly does the car shift gears? It is shakes or has other problems shifting, this usually indicates the vehicle needs a new clutch. These issues are typically most noticeable in reverse and first gear.
  • Spongy clutch: When you test drive the car, note how far you have to let out the clutch before it catches. Do you have to let it out most of the way before the gear engages? This is known as a spongy or soft clutch, and it is a sign that the part is failing.
  • Damaged clutch: To determine if the car needs a new clutch, you can do a visual inspection of the part. Look for damage to the clutch itself. Keep in mind that the presence of fine black dust around the clutch is normal.

Call for Backup

Before you purchase a used vehicle, it’s wise to take the car to an experienced mechanic for inspection. If you’d like a professional to help determine if your potential purchase needs clutch replacement in Patchogue, NY, contact the pros at Gene’s 112 Auto Service Center Inc.

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