How to Keep Vehicles Rust-Free

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The winter weather can be rough on your vehicle’s body. All that exposure to snow and ice and road salt can be a combination that just asks for rust buildup. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to avoid problems with rust, even if you’re driving an older vehicle.

Here are a few tips from a mechanic in Patchogue, NY to help you avoid rust problems with your vehicle this winter:

  • Always keep your drains clear: Every car has drains placed in various locations on its body, which exist to prevent water from collecting in certain places that are prone to rust buildup. These drain holes often get clogged with dirt, leaves and pine needles, which means they won’t drain as effectively as they should. They’re often located in doors and fenders, as well as in various spots in the floor and tailgate. Make sure you check these drains on occasion to keep them clear and prevent water buildup that could be a precursor to rust.
  • Use rubber floor mats: The moisture and salt you bring into your vehicle can go through the carpets and other materials on the floors underneath and actually start to rust out the floor from the inside. These rubber floor mats can protect your vehicle from this buildup of water and salt. You should be sure to vacuum the interior of your vehicle regularly as well to prevent sand and other particles from getting through the carpet to the underlying steel, where the abrasion could cause some issues.
  • Wash your vehicle: Dirt and salt and sand will all serve to wear away the protective finishes on your vehicle, so it’s helpful to keep your car clean. Try to do this every couple weeks during the winter, as long as the temperature is above freezing. This will add a lot more life to your vehicle. Make sure to get undercarriage washes as well if this is a service the car wash provides. Touchless car washes are generally the way to go.
  • Oil undercoating: Undercoating your vehicle with oil can be a great way to protect the undercarriage of your car and prevent rust from attacking some of the most important components of your vehicle. It can be a very messy job, but it gives you a lot of bang for your buck in terms of vehicle protection, and it will protect your equipment for a long time after you get it done.
  • Park inside: If you have the ability, park your vehicle inside a garage during the winter. This will help you avoid unnecessary exposure to snow, ice and road salt. You’re going to have to drive through that stuff if you go out during the winter months, but keeping your car parked safely in a garage when it’s not in use will help cut down on the exposure your vehicle has to experience. When you have the option, always choose some form of covered parking for your vehicle.

For more information about avoiding vehicle rust this winter, contact a mechanic in Patchogue, NY at Gene’s 112 Auto Service Center Inc.

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