Here’s What to Do When Your Car Battery Dies

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Imagine your car battery dies, and you are nowhere near a mechanic in Patchogue, NY. While you could call for roadside assistance, another viable option is to jumpstart the car battery yourself. Here’s what to do.

Prepare to jumpstart a dead battery

You hop in your car, put the key in the ignition and turn it… and nothing happens. You might hear a faint sputter or clicking from the ignition, but still your car does not start. It could be that your car battery is dead. Just about every car owner has experienced this at some point in their life, which is why you need to keep a good set of jumper cables in the trunk:

  • Get jumper cables and a working vehicle: If you need to buy a new set of jumper cables, make sure to get a set that is easy to use and maneuver. Jumper cables are made in a variety of lengths, with some being as long as 20 feet, but keep in mind that the longer the cables, the less power they can send to the dead battery. Remember this: the lower the gauge, and the thicker the cable, the stronger it will be. The other thing you’ll need to jump your car is a functioning vehicle.
  • Safety precautions: Even a basic car fix like jumping a battery requires you to assess the safety risks involved. Start by making sure kids, pets and other adults are at a safe distance from the engines of both vehicles. Read the section in your operator’s manual that walks you through jumping a dead battery (or check the internet) before touching anything under the hood. Wear protective eyewear if it’s available, and once the cables are attached to one car, don’t touch the metal clamps.

How to jump your vehicle

You have jumper cables and another vehicle present, and have taken the proper safety precautions—it is time to jump start that dead battery:

  • Situate the vehicles: Park the two vehicles facing each other, not touching, but no more than 18 inches apart. Put automatic transmissions in park; put manual transmissions in neutral. Set the parking brakes.
  • Turn cars off: Remove the keys from both vehicles to cut all power. Set the jumper cables on the ground with the clamps nowhere near each other.
  • Attach the clamps: Open the car hoods and attach one red (positive) clamp to the positive terminal on the dead battery. You may need to wiggle the clamp. Now, attach the other red clamp to the other car in the same manner. Connect the black (negative) clamp to the working battery’s negative terminal, then attach the negative cable to the unpainted metal nut on the engine block of the dead battery.
  • Start them up: Power on the working vehicle and let it idle for a couple minutes before you try starting the dead car.

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