What Kind of Gas Should You Put in Your Vehicle?

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Gas pumps in the United States typically come with three octane options: regular, premium and mid-grade. And as you know, the lower the grade rating, the cheaper the price per gallon. But does it really matter what kind of gasoline you put in your vehicle? Let’s ask a knowledgeable mechanic in Patchogue, NY for more information about the different fuel options you’ll encounter at the gas station.

Which kind of gas to pump in

In short, car engines are designed to use a certain type of gas. That being said, motorists should use the least expensive fuel suggested by the manufacturer. If you aren’t sure of the minimum octane rating, refer to the owner’s manual. Cars that require premium gasoline will usually have that indicated on or near the gas cap—you really only need to use premium if your car is designed for it. All in all, most vehicles function just fine on regular 87 octane fuel.

A look at octane levels

Motor vehicle gasoline is rated by octane: 87 octane (regular fuel), 91 or 93 octane (premium) and mid-grade (between regular and premium):

  • Regular gasoline: Many of the cars you see on the road are designed for regular 87 octane gas. If you drive one of these vehicles, you’re in luck, because you can safely use the lower priced fuel. You could use premium, but this high-octane fuel won’t make your regular gas car run better or give it more power. You’re only wasting money.
  • Premium: Take a look inside your car owner’s manual under the fuel section. If it says that premium fuel is required, then you should always pump that grade into your gas tank. Use regular gas in this case and you run the risk of engine damage. See if it specifies 91 or 93 octane, or if it says either is approved.
  • Regular or premium okay: Does your car’s manual say “premium gas recommended”? This means it is not necessary to use premium, but you can if you want to. In other words, some vehicles let you choose between regular fuel and premium fuel because either one will make your car run. Using higher-octane fuel could create more power and better fuel economy, but using regular fuel won’t damage the engine. There’s a simple way to decide whether you should use regular or premium: drive your car on a couple tanks of both grades, calculate your fuel economy, then decide if the extra cost of premium is really worth it.
  • Diesel fuel: Any vehicle with a diesel engine must use diesel fuel. These types of engines use a different process to ignite and burn fuel, and therefore won’t run on gasoline. In fact, driving a diesel with gasoline in the tank can lead to expensive repairs very, very quickly. When in doubt, look for “diesel fuel only” on or near the fuel filter.

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