What Hitting a Pothole Can Do to Your Car

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Despite your best efforts to avoid them, sometimes you end up hitting potholes while driving. Maybe you didn’t see it before it was too late, or the pothole only recently developed on a road you’ve previously driven down hundreds of times before. It may seem minor, like driving your vehicle over a pothole suddenly isn’t a big deal. However, you’d be surprised at the car damage in Patchogue, NY that can be caused by hitting potholes.

Tire blowout

While a little more complex, tires are very similar to balloons. Think about what happens when you put too much pressure very suddenly on a balloon: it pops and you don’t have a balloon anymore. The same scenario applies to your tires when you hit a pothole.

If you are driving and you hit a pothole with enough force, the air will shift in your tire, which could lead to the sidewall blowing out. If this does happen, your tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) will alert you, but if you pull over and look at the tire, you might not notice a puncture. Instead, you would see a bulge sticking out of the side indicating the internal damage. This kind of car damage in Patchogue, NY most likely requires replacement of the tire.

Misshapen wheels

Besides blowing out the sidewall of your tires, going over a pothole fast enough can bend or even crack your wheels. This is especially detrimental to your car or truck when the damage is where the rim meets the tire. A bent wheel won’t properly roll, while also compromising the airtight seal between the tire and wheel. If you can see a crack, bend or dent in your wheel, you’ll need to have it replaced. Ignoring this sort of damage can cost you more because you’ll end up needing to repair both your tire and your wheel.

Misaligned steering and suspension

Your car’s steering and suspension components are very sensitive. Consider how quickly these systems respond when you very slightly turn your steering wheel. After you hit a pothole, you might notice your car pulling either to the left or right. This is a sign that your steering or suspension is not functioning correctly. If you continue driving without having a technician look at your vehicle, your tires might wear out faster because the car or truck is leaning on them more than they should.

To thoroughly examine your vehicle for steering or suspension damage, an auto repair shop should lift up the car or truck on the machine. They can run a diagnostic report that clearly indicates whether or not there is an issue requiring repair or replacement.

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