What to Ask Your Mechanic Before You Take Your Car In

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Let’s be honest—you have a lot of options when it comes to finding an auto mechanic. A glowing recommendation from a friend or a slew of great reviews on Yelp is helpful, but there are other pieces of information you need. Before you take your car to an auto repair shop, ask these mechanic questions in Patchogue, NY.

Do they have experience with the make and model of your car or truck?

No two cars are the same. Sure, they all have engines, transmissions and so on, but makes and models vary wildly. That is why many mechanics specialize in services for certain car types. You want to find a mechanic that knows how to address issues in your specific make and model.

Does your business belong to any automotive associations?

There are a number of professional automotive associations. It’s particularly important to ask mechanic questions in Patchogue, NY about their professional associations. Two of the premier memberships to look for include with the Automotive Service Association and the American Automobile Association.

Do you have references available?

A mechanic should stand by his work and have the references to prove it. You should also take the time to research online reviews of the auto repair shop that you want to service your vehicle. Check out the Better Business Bureau and Car Talk Mechanic Files, along with checking any provided references.

Are estimates free and written?

Mechanics that charge for estimates should explain how they determine the cost, such as an hourly rate to run diagnostics or a standard price for all estimates. Also, these estimates should be clearly written down so that you can reference the document if work varies from what you were originally told needed to be done. All labor costs and replacement parts should be included in the estimate.

Can you select the parts used in your car or truck?

Just as there are many mechanics to choose from, the same is true of the parts that need to be replaced on your vehicle. Ask your mechanic if you can choose between Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts or used parts. Discuss these options with your mechanic to see what they offer.

How will you be notified when parts or repairs not included in the estimate are discovered?

As a mechanic works on your car or truck, he may notice that different services or parts are needed. If that is the case, does the mechanic go ahead and complete the job? Do they call you to provide a new estimate? They should outline their predetermined process for handling these situations.

Do you offer a warranty on services and parts?

You want to know what is covered and for how long. For instance, AAA requires any of its approved auto repair shops to guarantee parts, repairs and labor for 12 months. A detailed invoice should be provided so that you can refer back to it should any issues arise during the warranty period.

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