Signs It’s Time for Exhaust Repair

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It’s impossible to overstate the importance of regular exhaust repair in Patchogue, NY. When your car’s exhaust system is performing poorly, several issues can crop up that will drain your wallet and pose a safety threat to your family.

When it’s performing up to specifications, a car’s exhaust system has a simple purpose: to eliminate the harmful gases that your vehicle’s engine puts off as it goes about its routine. Modern exhaust systems, however, have been engineered to reduce the noise from a running engine and mitigate the harmful impact of your engine’s noxious emissions like carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, lead, sulfur dioxide and more.

Not sure if your car needs exhaust repair in Patchogue, NY? Here are a few signs that your vehicle may need the eye of a skilled professional.

More trips to the gas station

If you find yourself visiting the pump more often than usual, your reduced fuel efficiency may be a result of a failing exhaust system. A leak in your exhaust system keeps your engine from expelling harmful gases, which, in turn, causes the engine to run hotter. The hotter engine consumes more fuel, which lowers your fuel efficiency.

A noisy engine

As your exhaust system wears down, its ability to reduce the noise from your combustion engine wanes. The result is a loud, rumbling engine when you turn the key in your ignition. If your car’s engine begins to resemble that of a motorcycle, you may have a severe problem.

Vibrations in your vehicle

A leak in your car’s exhaust system can cause vibrations under your feet while the vehicle is in motion. These vibrations can reduce your ability to control your vehicle when you’re behind the wheel.

Oily smell in the cabin

Specific errors in an exhaust system can cause the fumes from your engine to be forced into the cabin of your car or truck. These noxious fumes may smell like gasoline, oil or burning chemicals. Not only are these fumes unpleasant to breathe in, but they can also cause (or exacerbate) health issues.

Rattling chassis

If your cabin begins to rattle uncontrollably whenever you find yourself at a red light or stop sign, it could be caused by a blown catalytic converter. This rattling may start as a problem with your exhaust system, but constant motion can cause numerous other issues, as well.

The pros who know

For nearly two decades, Gene’s 112 Auto Service Center Inc. has provided first-class automotive air conditioning, radiator, transmission, electrical, brake and exhaust repair in Patchogue, NY. Our highly-trained mechanics and technicians can make sure that every part of your car is running smoothly, from bumper to bumper.

The moment you walk into our shop, you’ll be blown away by our commitment to customer service and high-quality workmanship. We take immense pride in making sure each of our valued clients gets excellent service at a great price, every time. When you need the very best in auto repair service or preventative maintenance, count on Gene’s 112 Auto Service Center Inc. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

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