An Overview of New York State Motor Vehicle Inspections

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In the state of New York, there are several regulations determining when you should have your vehicle checked at an inspection station in Patchogue, NY and everywhere else in the state. That may seem like a strict requirement, but when you’re dealing with the kind of traffic that runs over the streets, roads and highways of our state, it’s essential to make sure that your car or truck works to the best of its ability.

Think of it as a favor

By law, the state of New York mandates that cars, SUVs and light trucks be inspected by a professional once every 12 months. That may seem overly frequent, but it can actually serve as a helpful reminder. When we’re knee-deep in the distractions of our daily routine, it can be easy to let regular car care fall by the wayside. A lot of car owners, for example, go too long between oil changes and only take their car to a mechanic when problems arise.

The yearly inspections can identify issues with your vehicle that, if addressed, can help it run better, get better gas mileage and last longer.

What is inspected?

When you take your car or truck to an inspection station for its exam, your vehicle will undergo a comprehensive inspection that includes checking the effectiveness of your seat belts, windshield, brakes, lights, front end, tires, horn, mirrors and more.

If you’re concerned about your vehicle’s ability to pass its annual inspection, head to a qualified automotive technician and they should be able to help you out.

What happens if I don’t get my vehicle inspected?

Drivers who don’t bring their vehicle to a qualified inspection station in Patchogue, NY can find themselves in a world of hurt.

When you get your car inspected, the station sends an electronic record to the DMV that says you passed your emissions test. Without that electronic okay, you won’t be able to renew your vehicle’s registration when the time comes.

Drivers who find themselves behind the wheel of a vehicle with an expired inspection tag (or without an inspection tag altogether) could find themselves on the receiving end of a ticket of up to $100. The state also tacks on an $88 surcharge. Even worse, this violation can be given to your vehicle regardless of whether or not it’s in motion.

Let us keep you on the road

At Gene’s 112 Auto Service Center Inc., we’re proud to be a trusted New York state inspection station in Patchogue, NY. We have all the equipment and expertise you need to keep your car or truck in great shape for the long haul. And if you fail your inspection, you’re in good hands—we have a team of highly-skilled automotive technicians who are ready to fix any and all issues with your vehicle.

For almost two decades, we’ve provided all of Long Island with the best automotive services available. We offer a vast selection of services, including brake checks, air conditioning repairs, oil changes, radiator inspections, tire rotation or replacement and so much more. If it’s causing issues with your vehicle, then we can fix it. Give us a call today to find out how we can help you.

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