Signs You Need Transmission Repair

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It’s always important to be proactive with your vehicle maintenance, especially with vehicle systems as important as your transmission. If you understand the warning signs of transmission problems, then you’ll know when to take action and make the necessary repairs.

With this in mind, here’s a quick overview of some of the telltale signs that you need to take your vehicle into the shop for transmission maintenance in Patchogue, NY:

  • Strange smells: Have you noticed a burning smell coming from your vehicle? If so, you should bring your vehicle in to the shop immediately. This is most commonly indicative of an overheating transmission, or transmission fluid that is old and burning up.
  • Slipping gears: It can be a little alarming if you have gears that slip in and out of place while you’re driving, and this can quickly become dangerous when you’re out on the road. This can be a sign of transmission problems, so it’s important you take your vehicle to the shop to get checked out if you experience gear slipping.
  • Gear shifting problems: Slipping isn’t the only problem you might experience with your gears if you have a bad transmission. You might find it impossible or extremely difficult to change gears at all. This could be due to a low level of the wrong type of transmission fluid, or some other type of problem with the transmission system.
  • Check engine light: Has the check engine light lit up in your vehicle? There is a wide variety of reasons why this light may have come on, ranging from minor to serious, and one of the potential issues could be transmission problems. You won’t know for sure until you’re able to visit a mechanic and get the diagnostic code for the light.
  • Noises in neutral: Do you hear strange noises coming from your vehicle when you put the car into neutral? This is almost always going to be a sign of transmission problems. This could be mean your vehicle needs some new transmission fluid, or that you’ll need to replace a part in the transmission because it has worn down.
  • Strange grinding: If you notice an unusual grinding or shaking sensation while you’re driving (usually a problem for vehicles with automatic transmission), this could be a sign of transmission problems. You should bring your car into the shop to get it checked out as soon as you’re able to do so.
  • Leaks: Leaking transmission fluid is an easy problem to identify, because you’ll find a red or pinkish fluid underneath your vehicle in the garage or in a parking spot. Aside from the color, transmission fluid is easy to identify because of its sweet smell. If you notice leaks, get the vehicle to a mechanic to have them check the fluid level and fix the leak.

These are just a few examples of some of the most common signs of transmission problems. For more information about vehicle maintenance or to schedule an appointment for transmission repair in Patchogue, NY, we encourage you to contact the team at Gene’s 112 Auto Service Center Inc. today.

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