Transmission Noise and Other Signs of Transmission Problems

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If your vehicle isn’t operating the way it used to, your transmission may be to blame. It’s equally important to know the signs of transmission noise and other problems in Patchogue, NY for your existing vehicle as well as to spot problems with any new vehicles you may choose to buy later on down the road. Most of the time, you’ll notice performance issues along with some distinct noises.

Your transmission is one of the most important—and expensive—parts of your vehicle, so keeping it in top shape should be a priority. Check your fluids regularly, and make sure to take it in at the first sign of trouble to save money on expensive repairs later.

To figure out if the transmission is to blame, try to drive a few miles with the radio off and the windows down, both in town and on the freeway. Pay special attention to the noises and sensations that come along with turning, braking, accelerating and more—that will help your local mechanic determine what the problem may be. If nothing seems to be wrong, that’s even better—now you know how your car should look and feel when operating normally.

Here’s how to tell whether your transmission is getting ready to give up the ghost:

  • Unusual noises: Any time your vehicle starts making strange noises, it’s time to see a mechanic as soon as possible. This is often the most obvious sign of car trouble. For transmissions, you may hear a whining or clunking noise, especially when accelerating or shifting gears. Pay attention to when the noise happens, as well as what it sounds like.
  • Burning smells: A burning smell is never a good sign, especially when it’s coming from your car. Chances are, it’s most likely a result of overheated transmission fluid, but be sure to get it checked out as soon as possible to avoid exacerbating the problem.
  • Unresponsive: Has your car been unresponsive when you’re trying to switch gears? That’s a sure sign of a transmission problem, and one that needs to be addressed immediately. It might be as simple as changing a filter and topping off the fluids, but it could also be a sign of something much more serious.
  • Grinding gears: Grinding gears doesn’t automatically mean you have a transmission problem—for manual transmissions, it might be an issue with the clutch, and for automatic transmissions, there are several reasons you might be having a hard time shifting. However, it’s equally likely that the issue could reside with your transmission, so make sure to get it checked out right away.
  • Fluid leaks: If your car is leaking fluid, it might be a transmission issue. Put cardboard underneath the vehicle to check the color of the fluid, and bring it with you to the mechanic.
  • Noises in neutral: If your engine is in neutral but your transmission is making clunking sounds, it might be a fluid issue—or something more serious.

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