FAQs About Transmission Repair

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The transmission is one of the most complex systems in a vehicle, so it comes as no surprise that it’s often not very well understood by most drivers. For that reason, we’ve put together this handy post. Continue reading to learn answers to some common questions and signs that it might be time for a new transmission in Patchogue, NY.

What are the signs of transmission problems?

Your car will tell you there’s a transmission in a few different ways. These are the most common indicators that something’s amiss:

  • Trouble shifting gears: The first sign that something’s wrong with your transmission is having trouble shifting or refusing to shift. This problem could stem from a lack of transmission fluid or using the incorrect fluid. A certified mechanic will know the true cause of the trouble.
  • Slipping: Having your gears suddenly slip out of place while you’re driving is scary and dangerous. It’s also an indication that your transmission is having some problems. See a mechanic right away to fix your transmission.
  • Strange noises: As a general rule, it’s never a good sign if your car starts making weird noises. This is especially true when your car is in neutral, as that means something’s up with the transmission. Hopefully, it’s just an indication that you need more transmission fluid, and not something more serious, like mechanical failure.
  • Burning smell: You also never want to smell anything burning when your car is running. That faint burning smell could mean that the transmission fluid is overheating. Turn your car off and call a mechanic right away to schedule service.
  • Dashboard lights: The check engine light can turn on for a number of reasons. One of the causes could be transmission failure. Since it could be a serious problem, we recommend bringing your car to a mechanic as soon as the light turns on.

How can transmission problems be avoided?

Getting a new transmission in Patchogue, NY is a costly procedure. Here’s how you can avoid needing major repairs or a new transmission:

  • Check fluid levels: As you’ve probably noticed, many of the transmission issues mentioned above are directly related to the transmission fluid. Check your fluid every 1,000 miles or so to ensure it’s at the proper level.
  • Use correct fluid: If you ever do add transmission fluid, be sure it’s the right one for your vehicle! Using the wrong fluid can lead to some nasty hiccups that could require a full flush.
  • Don’t overload your vehicle: Towing too much weight or simply having too much weight in the vehicle itself puts a ton of stress on the transmission. Too much stress leads to overheating, which is when you really get into trouble.
  • Play it safe: As soon as you notice signs of transmission issues, bring your car to a professional. A mechanic can quickly diagnose your issues and come up with a solution.

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