Antifreeze vs. Water: Which Is Better for Your Car?

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Under the hood of every vehicle on the road, you’ll find a radiator. To function properly, the radiator requires a coolant. While many drivers think water is enough, it’s important to learn about putting antifreeze vs. water in your car radiator in Patchogue, NY.

What is coolant?

When researching the best coolant for cars, you need to know what to look for before you can understand the right product to use in your vehicle. The engine creates a lot of heat when you’re driving around. Your radiator transfers all of that heat to the air outside of your vehicle via fluid: a coolant. Without coolant, your radiator won’t function correctly, and your vehicle will overheat.

Does water get the job done?

In desperate situations, water can work as a coolant for your vehicle’s radiator. However, water doesn’t perform nearly as well as a permanent replacement for antifreeze or other coolant products. If you’re stuck on the side of the road because your vehicle has overheated, some water in the radiator helps cool things off so you can drive your car to the nearest mechanic or auto parts store to refill your coolant. Consider water your stopgap, not your solution to an overheating radiator.

When it comes to antifreeze vs. water in your car radiator, water on its own simply doesn’t compare.Water isn’t formulated to minimize corrosion of your radiator, engine and other necessary parts. However, that doesn’t mean water isn’t still an essential element when it comes to your radiator.

Combining coolant and water

Most experts recommend a 50/50 mix of antifreeze and distilled water for vehicle radiators. Undistilled water includes minerals that can build up in your engine and other parts. Antifreeze consists of the anti-corrosion additives necessary to preserve the parts of your car or truck. It also has a higher boiling point than water. But mixing one part antifreeze with one part distilled water does provide your radiator with the protection necessary to operate efficiently.

Ultimately, water naturally cools better than almost any product people can manufacture. However, with only water in your radiator, low temperatures may cause your engine to freeze or crack. By mixing water with antifreeze, you eliminate this problem while providing your vehicle with the necessary coolant.

Topping off your coolant

If you’re adding antifreeze to your radiator, make sure it’s mixed evenly with distilled water. When you drain the existing coolant, make sure to dispose of it properly in accordance with local laws and ordinances. Most importantly, keep coolant out of reach of children and pets. This liquid has a sweet taste, so kids and animals might happily drink it if given the opportunity. However, the ethylene glycol in the coolant is extremely poisonous.

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