Tips for Keeping Your Car Battery Running Throughout the Winter

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Cold weather can be tough on your vehicle, and especially on its battery. The colder the weather gets, the more susceptible your battery becomes to potential malfunctions.

The good news, though, is that there are steps you can take to protect your battery and avoid issues during the coldest months of the year in Patchogue, NY. Here are a few cold weather battery care tips for you to keep in mind:

  • Age: The age of the battery will influence how likely it is to fail. Older batteries are much more susceptible to failure than new batteries. All batteries will have different lifespans, but you can expect most to last anywhere from five to 10 years. If you know you have an older car that’s still using its original battery, it makes sense to put a replacement in before winter weather arrives. This will ensure you avoid a scenario in which it finally gives out when the mercury dips below zero.
  • Battery insulation: There are methods you can take to add some insulation to your battery to keep it warm during the winter. One of the best forms of insulation is a battery blanket, a special type of wrap that goes around the battery before it goes inside the cover. This blanket features a cord you plug into a wall outlet so that, when charged, the blanket creates sufficient heat to keep the battery fluid from freezing.
  • Inspect the physical condition: It’s important to perform regular inspections of the battery’s physical condition throughout the year, but especially right before the winter. Be on the lookout specifically for signs of corrosion—this is most likely to occur if there is a faulty connection that’s allowing battery acid to leak out. This acid can corrode some of the exterior components of the battery, which can either cause it to malfunction or to stop working entirely. If you see early signs of corrosion, you can clean it away to keep it from malfunctioning. Otherwise, if the problem has become too severe, you may have to replace the battery.
  • Disconnect the battery: If you plan to keep the vehicle in the garage all winter long anyway, you may as well remove the battery from the vehicle, because there are still parts that could drain the battery’s power even after the vehicle is shut off. Take the battery out so you do not run into issues with the battery unnecessarily draining its power.
  • Check accessories: Consider how you’re using the accessories in your vehicle. If you start the vehicle with the radio or heater on, this might result in the battery’s power being directed toward those processes rather than general startup, which can make for a bit too much of a power load. In addition, avoid leaving the radio or heater on if you are idling the vehicle, as this could create difficulties with delivering enough power to the alternator.

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