Common Exhaust System Problems

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Between controlling noise, directing fumes away from passengers and improving engine performance, the exhaust system is a major component of any vehicle. With so many duties to perform, it has quite a few different components that must work in harmony every time you start the ignition.

When one part fails, drivers may be faced with one of several exhaust system issues in Patchogue, NY. This post will cover a few of the most common exhaust problems and what you can do to fix them.

Faulty oxygen sensor

Modern vehicles have many different sensors that help ensure the car runs as it should. The oxygen sensor is one of the most important of these sensors, as it helps create the correct air-fuel mixture for the engine. When the sensor malfunctions, you could burn more gas than usual or run into a clog in the catalytic converter.

Bring your car to a mechanic for an inspection or repairs as soon as you think your car has become less fuel efficient. The longer the issue is ignored, the more expensive the repair is likely to be.

Exhaust leaks

An issue with the exhaust system clearly takes a toll on your vehicle. What’s worse is that an exhaust issue could be deadly! A leaking exhaust system may emit toxic fumes into your car’s cabin, leading to illness or even death if it goes unaddressed. If you notice strange smells in the cabin, stop driving immediately and call a tow truck to bring your car to a repair shop.

Excess exhaust smoke

Significant exhaust smoke coming from your car might not be deadly, but it’s certainly a sign that something’s amiss. Excess exhaust smoke is one of the most common exhaust problems in Patchogue, NY, but the cause behind it differs depending on the smoke color. Blue smoke, for example, means the engine is burning oil, while white smoke means coolant is burning. Your experienced mechanic will know the exact cause of the smoke and how to address it.

Broken hangers

Running over potholes and driving down gravel roads aren’t things you can control. Unfortunately, these road conditions can be a disaster for your exhaust system. Bumps in the road can cause the hangers—the pieces that hold your exhaust pipes in place—to snap off. Your pipes are free to rumble around and bang on the ground when that happens. You can help prevent this issue by frequently checking on your hangers and replacing them when necessary.

Louder engine noise

Your engine is never completely silent while you’re driving down the road, but a louder-than-normal engine is one of our most common exhaust problems in Patchogue, NY. Instead of turning up the radio to drown out the noise, go see a professional for repairs. In addition to the disruptive noise, this issue could lead to toxic fumes entering your cabin.

Come see us to prevent your exhaust problems

The good news is that most of these exhaust system issues in Patchogue, NY and the ensuing repairs can be avoided with routine checkups from Gene’s 112 Auto Service Center Inc. During your visit, we will do a full inspection of your vehicle and we’ll check every component of your exhaust system to ensure all parts are working properly. Come in today and talk to our experienced technicians about the health of your system!

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