Why Do My Brakes Vibrate While I’m Stopping?

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Most drivers don’t know enough about vehicle operation to determine exactly why different car problems come up, so it can be intimidating when something changes in your vehicle’s operation. One of the most common auto brake issues in Patchogue, NY that drivers experience is brakes that vibrate while the car is stopping. This issue can be alarming for drivers and make it difficult to keep control of a vehicle on the road. If you’ve been having this problem, keep reading to learn more about what causes it and what you can do about it.

What causes shaking while braking?

Vibration while braking is a relatively common concern for drivers, but there isn’t one single issue that causes this problem. Here are some of the things that might lead to vibrations while braking:

  • Brake rotor warping: Brake rotors are the components that brake calipers clamp down on to bring your car to a stop. Brake rotor warping is one of the most common auto brake issues in Patchogue, NY. Over time, metal brake rotors can become distorted, which causes the brake calipers to clamp down and apply pressure unevenly, causing the car to shake as it is coming to a stop.
  • Sticky brake caliper: Brake calipers are designed to house the brake pads and pistons. When the brakes are applied, the calipers clamp down to bring the car to a stop. If the calipers get stuck, they can create uneven pressure that results in a shaking or vibrating effect.

Brake repairs in Patchogue, NY

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