What Are Studded Tires?

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You may see vehicles outfitted with winter tires containing metal studs embedded in the rubber. No, these studs aren’t designed to add extra flair to the vehicle—they’re inserted to keep the car on the road when it’s snowy or icy outside. Once they’re installed, the top of the metal pin digs into the frozen roadway, providing extra grip during nasty weather.

Continue reading to learn more about what studded tires are and whether you need to add them to your winter tires in Patchogue, NY.

What are the advantages of studded tires?

Anyone who’s driven on an icy or snow-packed road knows that maintaining control is difficult, and slowing down is even harder. Although studded tires don’t provide as much control as you’d have on a dry roadway, they add a ton of extra grip that you don’t get with regular winter tires. Because of this, studded tires can prevent slide-offs and accidents, keeping you safer on those dangerous roads.

Another perk of studded tires is that they’re fairly inexpensive. Although they do need to be installed by a professional, adding studs only costs about an extra $15 per tire.

Are there any downsides to studded tires?

It’s important to note that studded snow tires in Patchogue, NY are only beneficial when the roads are covered in ice or hard-packed snow. When it’s just wet or slushy out, studded tires won’t help very much.

The U.S. Department of Transportation and those in charge of maintaining roadways have a big problem with studded tires. The metal studs tear up the asphalt and lead to premature cracking and potholes. In fact, they’re completely banned in 11 states! Many states allow studded tires, but only in certain months. New York State allows vehicles to have studded tires from October 15 to May 1.

Can all tires have studs?

Please note that you can’t put studs in just any tire. The tires must be winter tires, and they must be “studdable.” Studdable winter tires are engineered with preset holes where the studs are installed. Installing studs in tires without these holes compromises the tire’s structural integrity and ruins the tire.

Do I need studded tires?

Now you know what studded tires are. But do you need to add them to your tires in Patchogue, NY? The answer depends on your daily commute. If roads in your area are snow-covered throughout the winter months, studs can be really helpful. But if your streets are plowed consistently, you should be fine with standard winter tires.

Note that swapping out your all-season tires for winter ones is always a good idea. Winter tires provide superior grip and go a long way toward keeping you safe throughout the winter.

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