Tips for Maintaining Your Car’s Air Conditioning System and How to Know When It’s Time for Service

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Temperatures are on the rise, which means that your car’s air conditioning is about to become a real vehicle MVP. If you’ve ever been stuck in your car on a 90-degree day without air conditioning, you know how important it is to maintain your car’s air conditioning in Patchogue, NY. This is especially important when you or your passengers are susceptible to heat-related illnesses.

Your vehicle acts like a greenhouse on wheels during the summer. When you park in direct sunlight on a hot day, your car’s interior can easily reach 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Air conditioning isn’t a luxury at that point—it’s a necessity, so you can get to your destination safely.

Here’s a closer look at how to maintain your air conditioner, and how to know when it’s time to take it in for service:

  • Clean or switch out the cabin air filter: Your cabin air filter catches dirt, dust and debris before it makes its way into the cabin of your vehicle. If the cabin air filter has gone a long time without cleaning, it’s harder for cool air to make its way into the interior, and the AC winds up having to work harder, potentially hastening the need for repairs in the process. Most cabin air filters are located behind the car’s glove box—it’s just a matter of removing the casing and cleaning out the filter. This is a simple task for your mechanic next time you go in for a tune-up—be sure to ask about it!
  • Get rid of debris: Look at the grills beneath your windshield. Are they full of dead leaves, insects and other outdoor debris? Cleaning that debris off your grills will help make sure it doesn’t get sucked into your air filter. You can also check under the hood and clean the condenser with a hose. Removing this type of debris is also just a smart thing to incorporate into your regular routine with your vehicle, as clean components run smoother and last longer.
  • Schedule a service appointment: Finally, take your car in for air conditioner service every so often, even if it seems to be running well. It’s worth having a mechanic inspect your air conditioner so you can rest assured everything is operating as it should be. If you notice that your air conditioner smells musty, or it’s making knocking, pinging or buzzing sounds, those are signs you need air conditioner repair right away. Bacteria, mold and fungi can grow in your air conditioner, which leads to odd odors (not to mention allergy symptoms and unpleasant illnesses). Odd sounds could be anything from loose bolts to too much refrigerant in the compressor—it’s best to let a trusted mechanic take a look.

Taking care of your vehicle’s air conditioner will help ensure it runs flawlessly throughout the summer, keeping you cool, comfortable and safe in the process. Follow these tips to maintain your car’s air conditioning in Patchogue, NY, or bring it in for service at Gene’s 112 Auto Service Center.

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