The Importance of Maintaining Your Brakes

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The brakes are an extremely important, yet sometimes overlooked, part of your vehicle. When well maintained, your brakes will last longer and do their job more efficiently. On the other hand, improper brake maintenance can lead to long-term vehicle damage and accidents.

Read on to learn more about good brake maintenance and why it’s so important.

What is brake maintenance?

There’s a lot that goes into proper brake maintenance. For example, it’s important to routinely check your brake pads and rotors for wear. The friction from braking will cause brake pads to wear down over time. Check your brakes every now and again to ensure they haven’t worn down too far. If they have, it’s likely time to have your brakes replaced.

Another important part of brake maintenance is routinely flushing the brake fluid. Brake fluid can often attract moisture, which is bad for the rest of your braking system. Flushing your brake fluid once every 25,000 miles or so can greatly reduce the possibility of moisture negatively affecting your brake system.

One of the most important aspects of good brake maintenance is bringing your vehicle to a repair shop for routine inspections. A good mechanic can easily point out and repair any problems with your brakes. They can also take care of all your vehicle’s brake maintenance needs, so you won’t have to.

When to replace your brakes

Good brake maintenance also involves changing your brakes when necessary. Driving on bad brakes can cause a number of possible issues, including reduced fuel efficiency. Bad brakes also raise the chances of you getting into an accident. That’s why it’s important to know the signs of bad brakes.

One of the most common signs of bad brakes is a high-pitched squealing noise that occurs whenever you press the brake pedal. This sound usually indicates that your brake pads have worn down too far. It could also mean there’s rust on your brakes. Either way, it’s important to take your vehicle in for an inspection if you notice squealing noises.

If you’re having to press your brake pad harder than usual to get your vehicle to stop, there’s likely an issue with the brake pads. This could be a fluid leak, or it could mean that your brake pads simply need replacing. Poor brake performance is a major issue, as it could result in you not stopping quickly enough at a stop sign or stoplight.

Other common signs that it’s time to replace your brakes include vehicle vibrations, puddles appearing in the driveway and warning lights, among others. If you’re experiencing any of these issues, be sure to visit a reputable auto repair shop in your area. It’s good to do research on different brake pads and see which would work best for your vehicle. That said, a good mechanic will usually have the best advice when it comes to different brands.

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