It’s Time to Get Your Car’s Heating System Ready for the Winter

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The days are getting shorter, and the outdoor temperature is starting to get cooler—winter is officially on its way! This seasonal change means making quite a few adjustments to your vehicle, most notably with the heating system. Bringing your car to an auto repair shop is the best way to ensure your heat keeps you comfortable throughout the season. Here’s how a mechanic can help:

  • Heater core inspection: Your vehicle’s heater core is essentially responsible for warming the air before it blows into your cabin. Unfortunately, wear and tear can cause the unit to crack and leak coolant. Your mechanic will inspect the core and other system components and make any repairs to ensure it’s capable of keeping your cabin nice and toasty.
  • Coolant top-off: Because it gets dirty as you drive, you should have your coolant replaced every few years. But even if it’s not time for replacement, it’s not a bad idea to have it topped off each fall. You can do this job yourself, but a mechanic can just as easily handle it for you while your car is in the shop.
  • Filter replacement: Your cabin’s air filters tend to get clogged up as the year goes on. While this also affects your AC, you’ll likely notice it on frosty winter mornings when you need some heat. Replacing your filters can be a DIY job. Again, like with your coolant, your mechanic can take care of it.
  • Hose replacement: The radiator hoses under your hood start to crack and fail over time, leading to water leaks. You may notice large puddles of water under your vehicle if the hoses are damaged. But even if the leak isn’t apparent, now’s the time to have your hoses replaced if they’re getting old.

What can go wrong with your heater?

Having the team at your auto repair shop perform the steps above better ensures your heater will perform its best throughout the season. These are a few of the things that can go wrong if you don’t bring your car in:

  • Improper temperature setting: If your heat is set to full blast, but you’re still not getting hot air, there’s probably an issue with the motor responsible for temperature control. The motor may need to be replaced. While that’s not necessarily an expensive fix, it’s easy to avoid with a yearly tune-up.
  • Weak airflow: Some heat is better than none, but you’ll still be uncomfortable if there’s only a small trickle of warm air coming through the vents. This is likely caused by a clogged cabin filter. However, it may also be due to a faulty blower motor.
  • Erratic operation: Your heater may start to perform erratically when your coolant is low. Filling the cooling system reservoir should resolve this problem, but see a mechanic if it doesn’t seem to help.

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