The Importance of Never Ignoring a Check Engine Light

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Some people choose to ignore their check engine light, though this is never a good idea. The check engine light is designed to notify the driver of an issue with the vehicle. While this could only be a small issue, it’s still important to have your vehicle checked. Small problems can easily become large ones over time, often resulting in the need for expensive repairs.

  • Read on for other reasons why you should never ignore a check engine light:

    Avoid being stuck on the side of the road: Ignore that check engine light long enough, and your vehicle may break down during your morning commute. This will not only result in you being late to work, but you’ll also have to find a place to pull over. Pulling over while driving on the highway can be especially annoying and stressful. You can avoid all this by having an auto mechanic take care of that issue before it causes your vehicle to break down.

    If you do end up having to pull over on the side of the road, it’s important to stay safe. Pull over in a spot far enough away from traffic, and turn on your emergency lights. Contact roadside assistance right away.

  • Save on gas: Sometimes a check engine light will signal that your gas cap isn’t properly sealed. While this might not seem like a big issue, an improperly-sealed gas cap could easily reduce your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. With gas prices the way that they are, it’s important to save money on fuel costs in any way possible.
  • Avoid expensive repair bills: Having your vehicle inspected by a mechanic will cost some money. You’ll also have to pay them to repair any issues they find—but this is much better than putting off repairs and allowing your vehicle to experience further damage. That small repair bill could easily grow exponentially over time. Just like when you are sick, it’s better to diagnose problems with your vehicle early.
  • What causes a check engine light to turn on?

    A check engine light could signal any number of problems with your vehicle, but the most common reasons why a check engine light turns on include issues with oxygen sensors, ignition system parts, mass airflow sensors and catalytic converters. As mentioned above, an unsealed gas cap could also cause your check engine light to come on. With all these issues, it’s important to avoid putting off repairs.

    While many of the issues mentioned above may not be serious at first, they could easily turn into big issues. If you’re looking to avoid high repair costs and long-term damage to your vehicle, have that check engine light looked at right away. You’ll usually end up saving much more money in the long run.

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