Signs Your Drivetrain Needs to Be Replaced

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Your vehicle contains multiple systems, parts and components. If issues arise, it can be challenging to know which piece needs attention. If there is a problem with your drivetrain, for example, it’s important to get the necessary repairs as soon as possible. To prevent major issues with your vehicle, watch for the following signs of a failing driveline:


  • Bad vibrations: If your vehicle is vibrating intensely, it may need drivetrain replacement. The couplers or carrier bearings may be worn out, which will cause the driveshaft to vibrate. The result is severe shaking under the vehicle. If your car is giving off bad vibrations, be sure to consult with a qualified mechanic right away.
  • Bad turning: Your vehicle should turn smoothly if everything is working properly. If you are having difficulty turning the vehicle, you may have a failing driveline. The u-joint may be failing, which makes it hard to control the vehicle because the wheels cannot turn properly. Since this can create dangerous driving conditions, be sure to have this checked out immediately by a trained technician in Patchogue, NY.
  • Bad clunking: Shifting gears in your vehicle should not generate a lot of noise. If you hear a loud clunk when you shift, this is a sign of a failing driveline. The u-join is probably worn out, which means you need repairs or possibly drivetrain replacement.
  • Bad acceleration: While your engine may rev when you accelerate, a healthy vehicle should not shudder as you increase its speed. If your vehicle shudders when you accelerate, this may be caused by a loose u-joint. The culprit could also be a bad bearing. Either way, this should be repaired as soon as possible to prevent further damage or breakdowns.
  • Bad squeaking: Does it sound like a mouse has moved into your engine? Squeaking noises while driving at low speeds could be a sign of a failing driveline in Patchogue, NY. The u-joint may be worn out. However, it’s also possible that a little grease will properly lubricate the joint and take care of the issue. Consult with a mechanic to investigate the squeak and make the proper repair.
  • Bad knocking: If you hear knocking coming from your vehicle, this can indicate the CV joint is failing. This problem cannot be ignored. Contact a mechanic right away to repair or replace the joint and keep your vehicle safely on the road.


If you notice any of these signs that your vehicle needs drivetrain replacement, contact the team at Gene’s 112 Auto Service Center, Inc. We’ve been the area’s go-to auto repair center in Patchogue, NY since 2001. 

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