Signs It’s Time for Transmission Repair or Replacement

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The transmission is one of the most important parts of your vehicle, as it transfers power from the engine to the wheels. Driving with a transmission system in disrepair is extremely dangerous and could result in a major accident.

If your vehicle is showing any signs of transmission trouble, visit a mechanic right away. They can best determine if it’s time for transmission repair or transmission replacement:

  • Strange sounds: It’s never a good sign when your vehicle is making strange noises. Sounds that signal a problem with the transmission include humming, buzzing, whining and clunking. There are many possible explanations for strange sounds coming from your transmission, so it’s best to have a qualified mechanic diagnose the issue.
  • No pedal response: Whether you drive an automatic or manual, a delay when trying to press your pedal could signal a transmission problem. This problem is especially dangerous, as it could prevent you from properly accelerating while on the road.
  • Strange smells: A burning smell coming from your engine could mean the transmission is overheating. Transmission fluid that hasn’t been changed in a while could also cause a burning smell.
  • Check engine light: One of the signs you should never ignore is a check engine light. If yours comes on, bring your vehicle to a mechanic right away. Repair shops use a computer system to diagnose the reason your check engine light turned on. Even if the problem isn’t with your transmission, the check engine light could signal another serious problem.
  • Fluid leaks: Don’t ignore those puddles of fluid under your vehicle. Fluids can travel through your vehicle before forming a puddle, so it’s often hard to diagnose where the leak is coming from. Let a mechanic determine the source of your fluid leak and offer advice on fixing the problem.
  • Shaking: Vehicle shaking can be a scary experience, especially if it happens while you’re on the road. More common in vehicles with automatic transmission, shaking almost always signals a problem with the transmission.

Check your transmission fluid

A simple reason for your transmission troubles could be low fluid levels. Be sure to check your transmission fluid levels on a regular basis and add more when necessary. Ask your mechanic what transmission fluid they recommend, as using the wrong type could also cause transmission problems.

Bring your vehicle to a reputable local mechanic

If your vehicle is showing any of the signs mentioned above, visit a reputable local mechanic right away. Putting off repairs will only make the problem worse and result in more expensive repairs. Bringing in your vehicle early could prevent the need for an entire transmission replacement. That said, if your mechanic recommends a transmission replacement, be sure to take their advice.

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