September 14, 2017

John Cushman

"Took care of my issues in a timely manner."
July 13, 2017

"I had a great experience at Gene's. I made an appointment to bring my car in to have a brake inspection as I was feeling some weird rumbling when braking. The drop off was simple. The girl that worked in the office was very friendly and cool. Gene came in before I left to get an idea of exactly what I was asking him to look for. He called me an hour or so later to explain the issue in detail and to explain my options and his recommendation. I had him replace all four rotors and pads as well as flush and fill the brake fluid and complete a NYS inspection. The cost was a little more than I had anticipated going in, but Gene provided a very thorough explanation regarding the premium parts that he was using as well as the 2 year/24,000 mile warranty on parts and labor that was valid anywhere in the U.S. via the TechNet network. Overall and excellent and professional experience. I would certainly return to Gene's for any other car repair issues."
June 12, 2017

Thomas M

"Gene is one of the best mechanics around. I've been going there since I bought my first car. He is honest about what work needs to be done and what can wait a little while longer. He has never steered me in the wrong direction."
February 14, 2017

Jim D

"Genes 112 is the most honest shop I have ever used. I drive over 20 minutes to get there and it is well worth the effort. The work is done professionally and there is never any surprises, they communicate everything with an accurate price and the work is done on time."