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How to Maintain Your Vehicle’s Fuel Efficiency

January 12, 2022 Published by Leave your thoughts

With the price of gas going up, more drivers are concerned about how to improve fuel economy. The more efficient your vehicle, the more money you’ll save at the pump every time you go to fill up. There are a few key maintenance tasks that you can do to improve your fuel economy—or have the team at Gene’s 112 Auto Service Center, Inc. help. Here’s what to put on your maintenance to-do list: Maintain proper tire pressure: When your tires are underinflated, the rolling resistance increases. Even 8 psi underinflated will create 5 percent more resistance. Check your tire pressure... View Article

The Importance of Never Ignoring a Check Engine Light

November 1, 2021 Published by Leave your thoughts

Some people choose to ignore their check engine light, though this is never a good idea. The check engine light is designed to notify the driver of an issue with the vehicle. While this could only be a small issue, it’s still important to have your vehicle checked. Small problems can easily become large ones over time, often resulting in the need for expensive repairs.

The Importance of Maintaining Your Brakes

October 21, 2021 Published by Leave your thoughts

The brakes are an extremely important, yet sometimes overlooked, part of your vehicle. When well maintained, your brakes will last longer and do their job more efficiently. On the other hand, improper brake maintenance can lead to long-term vehicle damage and accidents. Read on to learn more about good brake maintenance and why it’s so important. What is brake maintenance? There’s a lot that goes into proper brake maintenance. For example, it’s important to routinely check your brake pads and rotors for wear. The friction from braking will cause brake pads to wear down over time. Check your brakes every... View Article

Get Your Car Ready for Back-to-School Season

September 19, 2021 Published by Leave your thoughts

Whether you’re heading back to a college campus or just dropping kids off at elementary school every day, this is the time of year to start thinking about back-to-school driving. In addition to being prepared for school buses, this season means it’s time to think about getting auto tune-ups. Keep reading to learn a few things that should be checked, replaced and maintained this season: Inspect and rotate tires: Your tires should be rotated every six months to ensure even wear, reducing the chance of a blowout or other tire issues. If it’s been a while, bring your car to... View Article

Signs Your Car Needs an Oil Change

September 17, 2021 Published by Leave your thoughts

With the abundance of other tasks on your to-do list, no one can blame you for forgetting to change your oil—except, perhaps, your mechanic and the person who’s unlucky enough to be driving your car when it breaks down. If you’ve lost track of when you last changed your oil, it’s important to watch for the signs of trouble. Getting an oil and filter change could be the best thing you’ve do ne for your car lately. Here are the signs your car needs an oil change sooner, rather than later: Your oil level is falling fast: Maybe you top... View Article