Transmission Work in Patchogue, NY

If you’re noticing problems shifting gears or find your vehicle slipping out of gear, it’s a problem that needs to be thoroughly inspected by a professional right away. Gene’s 112 Auto Service Center, Inc. is able to diagnose transmission issues of any degree and provide repairs and services to help you correct problems and mitigate costs associated with this critical system.

Transmission Maintenance

Basic transmission maintenance services in Patchogue, East Patchogue, and Long Island, NY are the best way to keep costly problems from arising. Have your transmission fluid inspected and, if needed, flushed and replaced by our team.


Repairs & More

Transmissions are the most complex and intricate components of any vehicles. Without your transmission, your vehicle will not run smoothly and properly. At Gene’s 112 Auto Service Center, Inc, our goal is to provide reliable and affordable transmission repair in Patchogue, NY. No matter the state of your transmission, we will work our absolute hardest to get it running again.  

All of our diagnostics and repairs are done in our shop by highly-trained technicians that are able to recognize all types of transmission problems. We repair all types of transmissions, including manual, automatic and semi-automatic models. Whether it’s a slipping transmission or just a minor transmission leak, we can repair it correctly the first time. Trust Gene’s 112 Auto Service Center, Inc today by stopping by or scheduling an appointment today!

Clutch Repair and Replacement

Clutch repair and replacement is a cornerstone of transmission service. Repairing or replacing a damaged clutch could prevent your vehicle from sustaining costly transmission failure! When your clutch wears out, come to us to have it replaced by professionals who will facilitate a job well done.

Always stay up to date on routine transmission services by bringing your vehicle to us! Gene’s 112 Auto Service Center, Inc. is ready to help you in either case. Just give us a call today at 631-758-6722 to schedule a service appointment.

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